b'Rabbi Lord Jonathan SackszlLifetime Achievement Award Honoree 2021Rabbi Sacks was a passionate advocate for Judaism and the rich heritage and wisdom it contained. He was a trusted guide, an inspiring teacher, and a global ambassador for the Jewish people and moral values. I am delighted to see him recognized with the Genesis Lifetime Achievement Award. King Charles III Rabbi Sacks represented the history, the moral code, and the spirit of Judaism. He reached across the aisle and across different religions. His innate, God-given power of expression gave voice to the contribution of Judaism and the State of Israel to humanity at large. Isaac Herzog, President of IsraelGenesis Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony RabbiSacks,formerChiefRabbioftheUnitedHebrewLondon, United Kingdom, November 22, 2021CongregationsoftheCommonwealth,wasposthumously recognizedforinspiringandteachingthenextgenerationof Jews and advocating inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue.'